Security Surveys & Appraisals

  • Site Perimeter
    Our team will determine points of entry on the site perimeter then recommend access restriction devices such as: gates, barricades, locks, perimeter beams, alarm systems, video surveillance, proximity readers and many more. These can also be monitored and records kept of any attempt at unauthorized access.
  • Building Perimeter
    The building’s perimeter can be inspected for vulnerable entry points including windows, doors, skylights, roofs and any other areas around the building that may need access restrictions installed. We can then recommend many things including: security screens and doors, card access systems, biometric access, keypads, video surveillance and more, all of these can be monitored.
  • Internal Security 
    Controlled access systems may be required for different parts of the building for various reasons. We can restrict access to certain areas or rooms for you and even design and install a system that will give you different levels of access throughout the building either by master keying a key control system or electronically (magnetic card swipes, proximity readers, keypads, biometrics). Using electric strikes and/or magnetic locks, access can be granted or controlled from a central monitoring point. Video intercoms at authorized access points can also enhance building security. If required, access may be monitored and logged showing who, where and when a person or people accessed various areas within the building.

Any video surveillance can be monitored and/or recorded to either VCR tape or digital storage for a visual record. These images may be stored for future reference. Camera systems provide a deterrent to pilferage/ unauthorized access and can also provide visual evidence for public liability or worker compensation disputes.