Bi Lock Quick Change Core Locking System

Now the most innovative maximum security locking system on earth offers unparalleled flexibility. Bilock now gives you both key control and core control with the Quick Change Core (QCC).

Now featured in the Niagra Casino, Canada and Australia’s Crown Casino, the QCC range of switch and cam locks has been expanded to include a wide architectural range.

The QCC can easily be removed from your hardware for maintenance or recombination without disassembling the lock. Rekeying a lock can be as simple as withdrawing a cylinder and replacing it with another – in seconds. You can even shift the QCC between different types of locks (knobs to switch locks, mortise to knob locks, switch locks to cam locks, etc…).

Every QCC is identical with the exception of pinning combinations, where requested.

  • No Disassembly Required
    Just withdraw the core from the face of the lock
  • Incredible Flexibility
    The same core fits all body styles
  • Unsurpassed Security
    Patented lock & key designs
  • Fast & Easy
    Extract core, insert a new one, and the lock is recombinated
  • Cost Effective
    Lost keys never have to be a costly exercise again

The Key

  • Uniquely dual bladed and “U” shaped.
  • Each side of the key is cut differently and enganges it’s own set of pin tumblers and side bar.
  • No key blank of this type is available anywhere else in the world.
  • The uncut key can only be cut with proprietary equipment in selected agents around the world.
  • The coloured key head (18 colours) is then inserted and crimped secure into place and offers simple colour coded master keying capabilities.
  • The BiLock system requires key registration that is strictly enforced with keys only duplicated with authorisation.

Quick Change Core key and Lock

Now you can have a completely interchangeable core lock system that will:

– Be compatible with existing gaming machine locks.

– Convert all of your cam and switch locks

– Allow for large master key systems (up to 16.7 million combinations)

– Enable fast & effectient maintenance (change combinations in seconds)

– Provide BiLock second to none key control.