Alarm Systems

We have hard wired and wireless burglar and intrusion alarm systems for all commercial and domestic applications including panic, medical, duress and smoke. Our systems can be combined with smoke detectors, covert reed switches, electric locking systems and solutions, access control, intercoms, monitoring services and video surveillance.

All mains powered alarm systems have battery backup that will keep the system activated in case of power failure. Most systems also feature tamper switches on the alarm controller, external siren and strobe case and are self supervising (if the controller is unable to communicate with a sensor or other input device, the system will activate alarm mode and inform the monitoring station).

Integrated alarm systems are available that can:

  • Monitor and report on individual internal or external areas using motion sensors, reed switches, glass break detectors, smoke detectors, heat sensors, perimeter security fence breaches, cameras, infa-red beams or pressure mats.
  • Cause alarm information to activate sirens, strobe lights, cameras, perimeter lighting and monitoring station alert.
  • Have multiple communications options in case of telephone line damage e.g.. GSM, mobile, satellite phone, microwave, TCP/IP, LAN, WAN etc…
  • Provide comprehensive reports referencing opening and closing times by operator, incidents, or breaches by area or zone and system programming changes.
  • Be activated by cordless remote control with separate identifiable report codes sent to the monitoring station such as medical alert, fire, duress/panic and intrusion.
  • Activate individual zones independently for example, actively secure the building perimeter (doors and windows), whilst allowing freedom of movement within the building.
  • Include, “smart sensors” that can distinguish between an intruder and household pets.
  • Integrate building controls and time based activities (e.g.. turning outside lights on at 5pm and the air conditioner on at 6pm then automatically turning them both off at midnight)