Nexion Keyless Entry System

The Nexion keyless entry lockset represents the next generation in home security.
This stylish, multi-functional lockset combines the security of an automatic deadlatch with numerous safety features and the added convenience of keyless operation. This battery operated lockset provides both audible and visible confirmation of electronic activation and the 2 cylinder version also features a secure Access Cover to prevent unauthorised access to the battery compartment.

The Nexion product range includes a double cylinder version and a a single cylinder version. The single cylinder would be suited to government institutional and public housing applications and other situations where locking of the internal handle is prohibited by the relevant building code.

The main functional difference between the single cylinder version and the double cylinder version is that SecureMode has been removed and there is no internal cylinder.

The Nexion also has the unique Lockwood LockAlert status indicator that shows at a glance the lockset mode.
The lockset can operate in three modes: Secure Mode, Safety Mode and Passage Mode.

Secure Mode (not available with Nexion single Cylinder)
Handles securely locked from both inside and outside. This mode enables total security when leaving the property. The lockset cannot be opened from the inside without a key, or Q-Key. Incorporated is a SafetyRelease, which automatically changes the lockset to Safety Mode upon entry. This minimises the risk of being locked in.

Safety Mode
Handles securely locked from the outside and free from the inside. This mode prevents unauthorised entry while making it easy to exit the property. A lockout release is incorporated which automatically changes the lockset to passage mode when the door is opened from the inside.

Passage Mode
Handles free from both the inside and outside. The passage mode gices convenient access from inside and outside without the need for a key.

Simple and convenient to use, the Q-Key remote control has a range of up to 3 metres. It incorporates the latest in Encrypted Rolling Code technology to provide the highest security possible.

The Nexion meets or exceeds the highest security and durability requirements in Australian Standard AS4145.2:1993 when fitted to an exterior quality door.

Features & Specifications

  • Lockset mode shown by LockAlert with indicator red when in secure mode, yellow when in safety mode and green when in passage mode.
  • Safety features include SafetyRelease to minimise the risk of being locked in and LockoutRelease.
  • Keyless entry using Q-key (remote control).
  • Fully encrypted rolling codes.
  • The lockset provides both audible and visual confirmation of electronic activation.
  • Keyed access to battery compartment. (apart from single cylinder version, the compartment just slides down.
  • Simple programming sequence to add or disable Q-Keys.
  • Low battery warning indication.
  • High security cut resistant stainless steel bolt.
  • Choice of four stylish handles.
  • Box strike with concealed cross grain door frame strengthining screw.
  • Metal installation template included.
  • Field selectable handling.
  • Meets or exceeds highest security and durability requirements in AS4145.2:1993.
  • Can be keyed alike to other Lockwood door locks.
High purity zinc alloy 

70mm Backset Latch also available as an accessory.

Stainless steel – 15mm projection.

Door Thickness
35 to 40mm.

Internal and external 5 pin tumbler mechanism with 6 pin capacity.
Brass cylinders and brass barrels. Or in the case of single just external.

4 – AA Alkaline batteries (supplied in trade packs only).

Q-Key (remote control)
Two Q-Keys supplied with each lockset. Can be coded to operate any number of Nexion keyless entry locksets. Up to 20 Q-Keys can be programmed to operate each Nexion keyless entry lockset. Q-Key range of 3 metres subject to environmental conditions.


Standard Keying
Supplied individually keyed with two keys per lockset.

Special Keying
All special keying options are also available.


  • Gold Plated
  • Satin Chrome
  • Bright Chrome