A14 Airtrack External Sliding Door

The A14 Airtack system for external sliding doors and shutters with precision bearings is designed for use with larger panels in residential and commercial installations. The straight sliding track can be fixed by screwing directly through the track to the head, or supported with a variety of side and head fix brackets. The brackets allow either single or parallel tracks providing many possible door opening combinations.

Fixing Brackets
A range of brackets has been designed to suit most installations. All brackets should be fixed to the structure with appropriate screws/bolts.

All A14 Airtrack systems have steel ball bearings with either nylon or steel tyres and are available in 2 or 4 wheel carriers. All carriers have rated maximum door weights for reliable product performance. For optimal quiet operation, we recommend the combination of aluminium track and nylon tyres.

Floor Guides
The bottom of straight sliding doors is secured with either a fixed blade guide inside a grooved door or a roller guide sliding in a channel. The channel can either be fixed: to the bottom of the door with the guide roller on the floor, or to the floor with the guide roller on the bottom of the door.

Track is available in roll-formed galvanised steel and extruded aluminium. Aluminium track is available in satin and gold anodised finishes. Track can be powdercoated upon request.

Straight Sliding Configurations

This system is siutable for metal and timber doors with a maximum weight of 250kg (550lb).