Security Surveys & Appraisals
We have experienced staff to give you an appraisal on site or from plans. All facets of building security can be addressed.

If you lock you keys in your house / business or your keys are lost or stolen, we have qualified locksmiths who can gain access and provide new keys or locks. We also rekey locks, cut keys and we also offer a wide variety of other locksmithing services.

Key Control Systems & Master Keying
Key control systems are available for all sorts of situations and locations, be it schools, public buildings, businesses or homes and apartments. A master key system provides different levels of access and secure records are kept by our company protecting your investment and enabling easy changes or additions to the system as expansion occurs.

Closed Circuit TV & Digital Video Recording Systems
We can advise on, supply and install closed circuit TV systems for public areas, business or home and have access to a wide range of hardware and software from the major manufacturers to provide both large and small video surveillance systems. Digital video systems are also available. Digital video systems store images and event sequences in file format generally on a hard drive rather than on VCR tape.

Alarm Systems
We have a wide variety of alarm systems to choose from. One of our team can come into your place of business or home (local area) and help you choose which alarm system best suits your needs. We also install the alarms and can monitor them for you at a low cost.

Electronic Access Control Systems
Systems that provide secure access with time and event logging can be designed and installed at your premises. Access can be provided by keypad (PIN), proximity readers, biometrics or card swipe. We can advise on cost effective stand alone systems through to hardwired fully computer driven access systems that are reliable, user friendly and able to expand to future requirements.