Eclipse E2 Plus External Folding Door

Eclipse E2 Plus External Folding Door

Simple, elegant functionality, Australian manufacture using Swiss CNC machine tools, and precision ground bearings make Eclipse E2 Plus the right hardware choice for folding doors up to 40kg (90lb) per panel. Now with the Eclipse E2 Plus come additional features and options (hence the plus) to give you value for money and a range of choices when designing your door opening.

Equal Sized Panels
Centor’s innovative hinge system (patent pending) reduces the cost to manufacture panels. The functionality provided to the door fabricator makes Eclipse E2 Plus dependable and cost effective.

Simple Adjustment
Improved screwdriver access and grip are now provided in the patented Surelock adjustment which makes the installer’s job even easier. Pivot panels now also use Surelock to ensure simple, secure vertical adjustment, while Centor’s patented horizontal screw adjustment of 10mm (3/8″) is maintained. Eclipse E2 Plus is the most functional folding door system available.

Morticed Hinges
In addition to the easy to use fast fix hinges, there are now mortice hinges available to facilitate the traditional joinery finish on wood doors.

Rebated Carriers
Rebated door stiles (as on French doors) can now be used for openings with odd numbers of panels (eg 2 Left 3 Right or 1 Left 4 Right).

Concealed Floor Channel
In addition to the simpler straight channel and guide system, for a more polished look offset floor guides and pivots enable the guide channel to be located under the doors when they are in the closed position.

The functionality of door systems using Eclipse E2 Plus hardware makes it suitable for use in exposed applications. The use of recommended weatherseal has allowed door systems to pass Australian and international weatherproofing codes.

Wall Pivot
The floating wall pivot is used to control door deflection and bowing on tall doors caused by wind loads or climatic conditions.

This system is suitable for exposed folding applications using timber, aluminium or uPVC framed panels up to 40kg (90lb).