Alarm Systems

How They Work
An electronic alarm system in it’s simplest form, is a low-voltage electrical circuit with sensors on entry doors and windows. When the circuit is broken, like when a door or window is opened, its sensor detects the interruption in the flow of electricity and triggers a warning signal such as a siren or strobe light. In addition to door and window sensors, many systems also include motion detectors that monitor large areas inside the house. When something moves within the detector’s range, this triggers the alarm. The most sophisticated motion detectors are able to distinguish between an intruder and the normal night wanderings of the family pet, reducing the possibility of false alarms. When these perimeter sensors and interior motion detectors are part of a stand-alone system, the siren and flashing lights are the only deterrents for discouraging the intruder and stopping the break-in. In other alarm systems, someone will be monitoring the alarm, and if it goes off, security or police may come themselves to check the area is still secure.

How Far should I go? 
By the time you have an electronic alarm system, a few signs and maybe a couple of stickers on your windows announcing you have an alarm are usually pretty powerful deterrents to somebody breaking into your premises. An alarm mixed with things like good solid doors, quality locks and a few other logical security precautions your home or business has a considerably substantial reduction in the chances of someone successfully breaking in undetected. With the choices between cheap alarm systems and some costing up to several thousand, the choices may seem a bit overwhelming, but just think narrow them down by concentrating on what you want your alrms system to protect.

· If you want protection for your possessions when no one’s home, a basic system that monitors exterior doors and includes motion detectors for key areas inside your home may be all you need.

· If you want protection for your family while you’re home, you need a system that monitors the entire perimeter of your house entry doors and all openable windows. 

· If you want protection for your surrounding property as well as your house (if you live in a remote location or on a large acreage, for example) you’ll need a system with exterior motion detectors to alert you as soon as someone comes onto your property.