Key Control Systems & Master Keying

Key control systems can be either software or hardware based.

A software based key control system provides key management for your organization. Reports can be generated on all aspects of your key system including:

Key Holders – reports on what doors the key has access to.
Keys – reports at the number of key issues, whether they are still in your key cabinet or who they have been issued to.
Doors – who has access to each door.
Key Issues – when a key is issued a responsibility acceptance form can be generated for your key holder to sign.

A hardware based key control system such as the Key Safe offers total key control in any situation where user access to locked areas must be monitored. e.g.. public buildings such as schools hospitals and court houses, drug storage, firearm storage, liquor storage, evidence rooms, etc…

The Key Safe provides for convenient continuous and completely secure dispensing of keys and slashes the cost of manual key control. All keys are contained behind a locked outer door and access to keys is allowed only upon entering a valid personal identification number (PIN) and/or using a swipe card or biometric reader. Once authorised entry is gained only those keys available to that user can be removed and all other keys are physically retained. If an issued key is not returned within an allocated time the Key Safe enters an alarm state. The time and date of every key movement is recorded and stored in the system’s battery backed memory. The significant security risk of duplicate keys is eliminated because one key is conveniently available to many users. This cuts down on the number of keys in circulation, determines clear user responsibility and minimizes key loss.

For basic key security wall mounted locked steel cabinets are also available.

Master Keying

A master keying system allows for close supervision of building access and key allocation. To maintain your keying systems integrity, key duplication can only be carried out with your company’s official authorization. Each of the key combinations is identified by a specific registration number allowing a cross check to ensure the correct duplication authorization is received. For your protection these key system records are held under tight security.

Master key cylinders are readily fitted into most existing types of commercial cylinder locks including rim cylinder replacements for use with existing surface mounting lock sets and cylinders for use with mortise style locks. These cylinder assemblies can be supplied in a variety of attractive finishes to match your choice of lock set or to suit existing locks. This allows a high security, master keyed system to be introduced without the necessity or expense of having to replace your current commercial lock hardware. This system may be installed in virtually all of the current or planned lock systems that your company may employ and can include padlocks, switch locks, cam-locks, display case locks for use in even such applications as automatic bank tellers, poker machines, data storage cabinets, cash registers and vending machines.

  • Bilock Master Key System
  • Lockwood Twin Key Security System

Our staff can design and implement a multilevel key system which will only give key holders access to their key level within the system. This will restrict access to more secure areas.

A simple example would be a small warehouse/office complex where the base level key is provided to delivery contractors for out of hours delivery. This level key would only have access to the padlock on the front gate. The next level would give access to the front gate and the reception area. The next level would have the front gate access, reception access and the warehouse access. These keys can be keyed to restrict the key holder’s access to certain areas. The key holder may even only be required to gain access to the reception area and the warehouse but NOT the front gate. The top level master key has access to all areas. Master keying across different buildings or even branches can be accommodated.

Master keying systems can also incorporate a lock with a removable interchangeable and lock core. This core can be easily removed from your hardware for maintenance or recombination without disassembling your lock. Re-keying a lock can be as simple as withdrawing a cylinder and replacing it with another in seconds. The core may also be moved between different types of locks, e.g.. knobs to switch locks, mortice to knob locks, switch locks to cam-locks, padlocks to mortise locks, etc…

Vast savings can be achieved when incorporating this system with applications such as switch locks in lifts or elevators. Traditionally, changing the keying of an elevator switch lock required that multiple personnel had to attend the site at the same time to complete the task. A quick change core assembly only requires that a locksmith or building manager can change the keying rather than having to co-ordinate a locksmith, electrician, lift mechanic, work cover representative and building manager.

There are 7 different keyed systems, these are:

  • Individual Keyed System (KD)
    With an individually keyed system, each lock can only be opened by its own individual key. All Lockwood locks are supplied individually keyed or (“keyed to differ”) unless a special keying systems is requested.
  • Keyed Alike System (KA)
    This system allows for a number of locks to be opened by the same key, it is ideally suited to residential applications such as front and abck doors. There is no limit to the number of locks which can be keyed alike.
  • Master Keyed System (MK)
    A master keyed system is one where each lock has its own individual key which will not toperate any other lock in the system, but where all locks in the system can be operated by one master key.
  • Grand Master Keyed System (GMK)
    The grand master keyed system is an extension of the master keyed system where each lock has its own individual key and the lock are divided into two or more groups. Each group of locks is operated by a master key, and the entire system is operated by one grand master key.
  • Maison Keyed System (MAIS)
    This system is widely used in apartments, flats, office blocks, hotels and motels. Each apartment, flat or office has its own individual key which will not operate the lock to any other apartment, flat. hotel room or office but will operate the locks to communal entry doors and other service areas.
  • Construction Keyed System (CK)
    A system where it is necessary for contractors to gain entry to a building during constructyion but to prevent entry by the same contractors after the building has been occupied or handed over. The Lockwood system makes it possible to change from construction keying to normal keying as often as required.

Bilock Master Key System

Lockwood Twin Key Security System