Effective Key Control
The KeySafe offers total key control in any situation where user access to locked areas must be monitored. The KeySafe provides for convenient, continuous and completely secure dispensing of keys and cuts the cost of manual key control. All keys are concealed behind the locked outer door and access to keys is allowed only upon entering a valid personal identification number (PIN) and/or using a card swipe or biometric reader. Once authorised entry is gained, only those keys available to that user can be removed and all other keys are physically retained. The time and date of every key movement is recorded and stored in the system’s battery-backed memory.

KeySafe Uses
KeySafe has no equivalent anywhere in the world, offering total key control and complete monitoring of key use. If your section or department has secure areas where access must be controlled and monitored, then KeySafe provides the perfect solution and eliminates the need for multiple sets of keys. Keys cannot be lost, copied or left at home, because they NEVER LEAVE THE BUILDING.

Keys are electronically held in the key cabinet and are not visible when the cabinet is closed. Keys may only be removed after a valid PIN has been entered, and each PIN allows access only to pre-programmed keys and for pre-programmed periods of time. A print-out will inform you who has used the keys and at what times. Keys may be individually alarmed and timed so that attention is drawn to keys not returned within a programmed time period.


Total Control of Your KeySafe
Your KeySafe panel provides effective physical control of your keys. Now KeyKeeper will improve the management of your keys by allowing complete remote control of all your KeySafe panels from the one convenient location. Now you don’t need to remember the commands to program your KeySafe because KeyKeeper will do it for you.

KeyKeeper is a simple to use software package that runs on any standard computer with Windows 95, 98 and NT. It will run on your existing computer system and does not require a computer dedicated solely for its use.

Monitoring of KeySafe Activities
All activities at the KeySafe panel are stored in the KeyKeeper database. These activities include users logging on and removing keys, and general alarms.

KeyKeeper will inform you if there is an alarm occurring at any KeySafe and can display the current status of a panel. Using KeyKeeper, you can find out the name and phone number of a person who last had, or currently has, a key out.

A wide variety of management reports can be created that include

  • Daily log of all activity
  • Tracking a user’s activity
  • Tracking a key’s activity
  • Current status of a panel
  • Keys removed by one person and returned by another

Remote Programming of KeySafes
KeyKeeper, is a simple to use software package that allows for complete remote control of KeySafes. No longer does each KeySafe need to be programmed using its decimal keypad. All management now occurs from one central location.

KeyKeeper can program your KeySafes either by being connected directly or by using your phone system. This allows for all panels, regardless of location or distance, to be controlled by KeyKeeper.

KeyKeeper can assist in management activities by controlling

  • Alarms
  • PINs
  • Users
  • Time zones
  • Access levels
  • Daily activity

Tamper-proof Keyrings

Prevent the unauthorised removal of keys from their rings. This is possible through the key rings’ unique design as detailed below. One key ring can be used to secure up to 66 keys. A serialized number on each ring prevents ring substitution.

  • Prevents Key Removal
  • Not resealable if opened
  • Replaces welded rings
  • Serialised to identify rings and prevent substitutions
  • 4mm stainless steel
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Tools available

Seal key rings in seconds and prevent undetected key removals or substituations. The 4 mm diameter ring and seal permits smooth movement of keys around ring.

Control who seals your Tamper-proof keyrings by controlling the tools. Save time by taking the portable tools to the job site. Eliminate the costly practice of welding keys that can make the ring brittle and subject to breaking.

The Tamper Proof Key Rings are available at various sizes ranging from 14 to 66 key capacities.