Ultima 862 Hardwired Or Wireless Control Panel

You Know What You Want…
You’ve put a lot of thought into the appearance of your home or office. When you install a security system, you want in to be unobtrusive, economical, effective and easy to use. Sensor location shouldn’t be determined by wiring runs. Adding sensors should be easy, and not entail routing unsightly wires or conduits over your professionally designed wall coverings. The entire system should be easy to remove and reinstall at minimum cost if you move. You want to be able to arm and disarm your system from anywhere, without having to remember a seven digit number, or pushing a complicated sequence of keys.


  • 16 Programmable User Codes
  • 8 Radio Remote User Codes
  • Entry and Exit Warning
  • 6 Programmable Burglary Zones
  • 2 Programmable 24 Hour Zones
  • Zone Lockout
  • Swinger Shutdown
  • Sensor Watch
  • Day Alarm
  • Automatic Arming/Disarming
  • Dual Reporting
  • Answering Machine Bypass
  • Telco Arming/Disarming
  • Sequence
  • AC Fail and System Faul Indication
  • Event Memory Recall
  • Walk Test Mode
  • Upload/Download Programmable
  • Monitored Speaker Output
  • 5 Programmable Outputs
  • BOSCHSAT – Satellite Siren
  • Unique Fire Alarm Sound
  • Dual Entry Timers
  • In-Built Line Fail Monitor
  • Open/Close Reports Selectable By User Code
  • Delay Sirens Until Transmission is complete
At Your Command
A small wireless keyfob that fits easily in pocket or purse is all you need to arm or disarm your system, send a panic signal or operate auxiliary devices. The Solution Ultima 862 puts an entire security system in the palm of your hand.

User Friendly
Solution Ultima 862 features include automatic arming and single button arming for both the AWAY Mode or STAY Mode. AWAY Mode allows you to arm both interior and exterior zones when you are leaving the premises. STAY Mode allows the system to be armed with the interior zones automatically isolated allowing movement within these areas, while at the same time protecting the perimeter zones.

User Programmable
There are two STAY Mode operations that are available with the Solution Ultima 862 control panel. STAY Mode 1 and Stay Mode 2 operate in the same manner except that STAY Mode 1 can only be programmed by the installer, whereas STAY Mode 2 is programmable by any of the System’s Master Code holders, making it easy for them to change when needed.

Hand Held Control
A Range of hand held radio remote transmitters and receivers may be added to the system for those people who have trouble remembering codes or find using personal operating code numbers confusing. The hand held remote control transmitter will provide the simplest of user interfaces between the control panel and the operator.

A selection of remote codepads is available to suit the Solution 862 control panel including both LED indicator and LCD type. All codepads have backlit rubber push buttons to make operation extremely easy during the day or night. The system provides 8 fully programmable zones by using split EOL resistors and also allows you to select the EOL resistor value you require so that the control panel can easily replace any existing system.

Simple Effective and Versatile
For exceptional ease of operation, flexibility and economy of installation, the hardwired panel can incorporate an optional wireless receiver to interact with a variety of wireless devices, such as RF PIR motion detectors, RF smoke detectors and RF door transmitters. Ideally suited for both residential and commercial applications, the Solution Ultima 862 can use wireless and hard wired sensors, giving you the best of both worlds in sensor selection and installation.