Solution 862 Control Panel

Your Home Deserves The Best
The Solution 862 Security Control panel is designed to be the best security control in the world. It has combined the greatest features of powerful high security systems for government and industry, and has tailored them to homes like yours without compromising on reliability, flexibility or ease of use.

Sophisticated Simplicity
While the Solution 862 is one of the worlds most sophisticated security systems it is also one of the easiest to use combining the latest in microprocessor technology with superior reliability and performance.

Simple to learn, simple to use, simply the best!

Central Monitoring Station
The control signals from up to 8 points of detection (from sensors such as smoke alarms, motion sensors, or door and window contacts). These sensors are quickly detected and may be reported to the central monitoring station.

Peace Of Mind
The Solution 862 is a reliable safeguard against common threats to life and property like fire, burglary and other events needing emergency response. This panel can work 24 hours a day, checking for open windows and doors, monitoring smoke detectors, activating lights, and performing dozens of other services to help keep your home and family secure. Even while you’re away, you’re OK.

Help Is On Its Way
During an emergency, the Solution 862 will take control of the phone line in your home to alert your central station. There, security operators will analyse this information and call for police, fire fighters, or personal assistance.

Even While You’re Away
Remote programming can be a great alternative for you to maintain control of your system while you’re away from home. At your request, the central monitoring station will help you arm your system, change it’s programming, and even change personal passcodes if needed.

Fire Detection
Your Solution 862 installation may be designed to monitor smoke or heat detectors. Check with your Insurance Company to establish if you qualify for reduced insurance rates.

Minimise False Alarms
False alarms are minimised with the Solution 862. You can program in an entry delay time to prevent a false alarm signal from being sent to the central monitoring station. Although mistakes will be rare, thanks to the Solution 862 Series’ easy programming, they are easily corrected. If an error does occur, and a false alarm signal is sent to the central monitoring station, by entering a passcode, a programmed delay will interrupt the signal. Silencing the alarm results in a cancellation of the alarm at the central processing station.

Remote Controller
This outstanding feature allows you the ability to Arm and Disarm your control system without having to touch the Codepad. The “Remote Control” units are superbly designed to be quick and easy to use, even when your hands are full or you’re in a hurry. You can save money and time with this system as well. Passcodes from lost or stolen remotes can be deleted in second and new codes issued at once.