XTRA-LOK Roller Door and Shutter Security System

The XTRA-LOK is an Australian made and designed locking device created with security and safety in mind. 

It protects against your roller door or shutter being forced open by unwanted intruders.

We Have XTRA-LOKs Suitable for installation either Internally or Externally!

The user friendly design of the XTRA-LOK security disc allows it to be locked or unlocked in seconds. The XTRA-LOK is a Commercial product also recommended for Domestic use

The XTRA-LOK has a flat base to minimize chances of tripping and allows vehicles to be driven over it without risk of puncture.

The XTRA-LOK effectively secures a roller door or roller shutter to the floor making a tougher target for ram raiders and helping to prevent unwanted intruders. It can also be used as a bike, trailer boat etc. lock.

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